Program 12, Saturday April 9, 7:00-9:00pm


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David Jansen, Germany, Animation  14:50
A wolf child, a cat, an angel.


Sonnet 134
Eddie Shieh, USA,  OOTO  3:00
A visual twist on Shakespeare’s Sonnet 134 through the eyes of a young conflicted mother who surrenders her baby to repay a debt


Plein Soleil (Blazing Sun)
Fred Castadot, Belgium, Drama  24:00
Under the leaden sky of a summer day, Eric is driving to his workplace to present an important project.


Gleichgewicht (Keeping Balance)
Bernhard Wenger, Austria, Documentary  5:13
Every day a girl visits the Viennese ‘Prater’ amusement park to take some rides with the electronic ‘Tagada’ carousel because it helps her to get over her difficult past.


Nada SA (Nothing Inc.)
Caye Casas, Spain,  OOTO   15:00                   North American Premiere
Carlos sees an ad for a company called NOTHING Co., they are looking for a candidate who wants to get paid for nothing


A Man Wakes Up
Voki Kalfayan, USA,  Comedy  14:16    Filmmaker in Attendance
A man immersed in a life of habit and routine wakes up to discover an unexplained change in his life!


So I Was Wondering…
Richard Arum, USA, Comedy   13:24   Filmmaker in Attendance/ World Premiere
Ricky and John are best friends. Sharing a drink one night, some things are revealed that will test the strength of that friendship.


The Chicken
Una Gunjak, Croatia,  Drama   15:00
When Selma realizes her pet chicken is going to be killed to feed the family she decides to save it and set it free


Funestes Oisances (Baleful Sloth)
Dominik Pagacz. Canada  OOTO  3:12           US Premiere
A word from the Marquis


Rungano Nyoni, Denmark/Finland,  Drama  12:00
Good communication is nothing more than listening and hearing


Balloon Ride
Evan Hughes, Australia,  Animation  5:22    North American Premiere
The daydream of a boy who would like to escape his reality.


L’Encenedor Quàntic (The Quantum Lighter)
Pau Escribano, Spain, 5:00
How can we prove that we actually time-traveled?