2020 PROGRAM 5

Office Song
Marcus Markou / UK / 14:32 / OOTO

the hidden songs of the daily office grind

Sophie Shui / Taiwan / 25:00 / Drama

when you cannot handle your aging mother… take a trip

Foreign Exchange
Corrie Francis Parks / USA / 5:46 / Animation

the world of money is nothing but cotton images in sand

The Roads Most Travelled
Bill Wisneski / USA / 25:00 / Documentary

a career of photojournalism journeys back to where it began

…so it goes
Jim Hall / USA / 2:05 / Animation

when the Orange mans drives the world

Goodbye Golovin
Mathieu Grimand / Ukraine / 14:04 / OOTO

time to move on and out after a young man’s father’s death

Recrue (Rebel)
Pier-Philippe Chevigny / Canada / 15:03 / Drama

what do you do when you find strange things in the woods?

Short Calf Muscles (Korte Kuitspier)
Victoria Warmerdam / Netherlands / 12:53 / Comedy

wait… I’m not so different… I’m just like you

The Hidden Ones
David Beier / USA / 15:48 / Drama

there is always something lurking in the invisible