Taos Shortz 2021 Program 1

a little bit of Beat Poetry…. and a style all his own..

Requiem For A Spoken Word
Jim Hall / USA / 03:10 / Animation

a moment of desperation leads to a new look on life

A Brand New TV
Nina Ognjanovic / Serbia / 14:52 / Drama

what exactly would a interview for a BFF be like

The Forgotten Place
Oscar Rene Lozoya / USA / 12:26 / Drama

a young vet returns home to find he is just not the same any more

Piece Of Mind
Oliver Lavery-Farag / UK / 17:35 / Drama

a smile is sometimes all people need to get through the day

Leon Oldstrong / UK / 06:14 / Documentary

honoring a lost love is a blessing

Maria Cuenca / Canary Islands / 15:00 / Drama

what would Dan Savage have to say about a couple’s realtionship

Savage Breakup
Jaclyn Vogl / Canada / 07:22 / Comedy

a mirror is just a reflectoin to another time

The Mirror
Joel Kohn / Australia / 21:42 / Drama

a cycling accident could make you a whole differnt person

The Appointment
Alexandre Singh / UK / 19:50 / Drama