Taos Shortz Award Winners 2019

Congratulations to the Award Winners 2019

Best Documentary   

1500 Miles /  Chris Duncan / USA
Honorable Mention  A Song Can’t Burn / Roscoe Neil/ UK, Lebanon

Best Animation   

Reboot / Ellen Osbourne / USA
Honorable Mention  Framed  / Marco Jemolo / Italy

Best Comedy 

Under Mom’s Skirt / Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix / France
Honorable Mention  Joint Custody / Carlus Fabrega /Spain

Best Drama 

The Mandarin Tree /  Cengiz Akaygun / Germany, Turkey
Honorable Mention  A Man Never… /   Eugene Izraylit

Best Emerging Artist   

Bye Bye Virgins  /  Pierre Boulanger / France

Best Out of the Ordinary ( OOTO) 

Deep Dive  /  Mohammed Soleimanifejani / USA, Iran
Honorable Mention  Tshweesh /  Feyrouz Serhal /  Lebanon

Best New Mexico Zia   

Mr. Sushi / Joshua Sallach
Honorable Mention  Color Me Done /  Dominic Garcia

Director’s Choice   

Golden Girl  / Chiara Fleish-Hacker / Germany

People’s Choice   

Three Pages /  Roger Gariepy