Program 10, Saturday April 9, 9:22 am-12:00noon


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We will start off this innovative program with a look at High School student films from Digital Arts and Technology Academy, Performing Arts Academy Foundation and Desert Academy. Following will be a selection of Global Shortz focusing on the experiences, trials and tribulations of living in today’s world. Its fantasy mixed with reality. Individual students get in FREE at box office ticket booth with student ID.


The Exploring Apes
Neil Billings, New Zealand, Animation  13:20
The Exploring Apes is a short survival against the odds story about how early human beings learned to survive in hostile conditions.


Tania Romero, USA,  Comedy  2:15
A break-up over text. If only they knew how to hug.


Venom Therapy
Steven Murashige, USA, Drama   17:23       Filmmaker in Attendance
After hearing of a miraculous healing treatment for MS sufferers a young family begin administering multiple bee stings to the mom in hopes of a reversal of the disease.


A Passion Of Gold And Fire
Pins Sébastien, Belgium, Documentary   6:05
A beekeeper shares his worries about the future of his apiary school and the bees that are essential to our environment.


Le Grand Bain (The Dive)
Cecile Davidovici, France,  Drama  6:00
Mathys, a 9 years old, doesn’t know how to swim.


Kristina Mileska, Canada,  Drama   11:00   US Premiere
A young girl’s fantasy adventure with her grandfather allows her to come to terms with his illness.


The Curse of the Were-Rat
Jan Julian Rospond, UK, Animation    6:20  North America Premiere
TheCurseOfThe WereRat
Beware the Hunchback Skin-Changer.


Dave Crabtree, USA,  Drama   10:00             US Premiere
A girl and her grandfather are stranded in the mountain wilderness and have to connect with the unseen forces of nature in order to survive.


Uulx – The Scratcher
Banchi Hanuse, Canada,  Drama   6:05
In a stark and stunning frozen remote landscape, an unlikely encounter between hunter and the hunted unfolds. But which is which?


Little Princess Girl
Robert Lyons/ Kevin Worth, USA, Animation   4:00  Filmmaker in Attendance
The tender and unconditional love between father and daughter.