2017 Program 1, Thursday March 30, 5:00-7:00pm


Select global short films from Iran, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Israel and the USA.
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Iran, 4:52, Zanyar Lotfi

Technically the little girl simply just wants to do her homework. But when grandpa’s snores keep her little sibling from sleeping and it cries, things get a bit more complicated. But she has a good idea.


USA, 4:49, Heather Langley

Deep within a dark coniferous forest, a woman struggles to separate herself from her wild environment—in denial of the fact that she, too, is wild.


Little Red Lie
USA, 14:23, Mariko Ide

Rebecca and her wolves battle the “little red lie” of the “big bad wolf”.


Iran, 13:00, Hesam Eslami


An Iraqi soldier, Maher, finds some priced booty in the initial days of the Iran-Iraq war. Maher will be sent to the front lines the next day; he only has until tomorrow morning to decide what he must do with his booty.


Marshland Dreams
Iraq, 6:00, John Antonelli


Iraq’s Mesopotamia Marshes had been a vital life force for centuries until Saddam Hussein destroyed them. Azzam Alwash has taken on the challenge of restoring the wetlands to their original splendor and in the process created Iraq’s first National Park. Narrated by Robert Redford – Marshland Dreams illustrates how one person – armed with intelligence, courage and conviction – can affect extraordinary change.


UAE, 24:52, Neel Kumar

An Indian and a Pakistani try to resolve their differences as they guard an empty construction site in the Dubai desert.


Dogs Are Not Terrorists  (سگها تروریست نیستند)
Iran, 3:45, Keivan Majidi

This film narrates the story of those people who have always been oppressed by dictators during the history.


Planet Garbage
USA, 2:55, Graziana Mirabile/Eduardo Rodrigues/Alexandros Patsikos

A tiny and peaceful alien lands on the Earth to explore it. He will find a new friend, but he will also discover that the planet is not what he expected.


Ten Grand Even
Israel, 17:29, Gilad Deutsch, Paz Davidovich

Two thieves and a girl plan to rob a secure building with tons of money. They try to manipulate each other but only one of them will survive .


Operation Commando
Switzerland, 21:05, Jan Czarlewski

Children play war in this summer camp, a war opposing the Indians to the Commandos. Two brothers are separated in between the two rival groups. The eldest promises the youngest that he will go look for him on their first night.


Panic Attack
USA, 3:20, Eileen O’Meara

This hand-drawn animation explores anxiety, obsession, and one woman’s slippery hold on reality.


Albedo Absolute
USA, 15:00, Vlad Marsavin


A fairytale adventure of Violet and Savannah, two sisters who disobey their parent’s warning by venturing into a brooding forest.