15th Edition


Congrats to all the Award Winners

2021 Award Winners

2020 Award Winners

After a long uncertain COVID year, TAOS SHORTZ FILM FEST, the longest continually running film festival in New Mexico returned with a whole new selection of Global Short Films.

Last year, just one week before the festival, we were forced to postpone the 14th edition to what is now obvious reasons. We had no idea when we could open up the theatre again… one month?? two months?? We had not envisioned it would be a year and still not open.

We had planned to bring a delayed 14th edition and then the 15th edition back on schedule. But alas….

But films cannot wait for a theatre so we must forge ahead. We have decided to share both the 14th edition and the NEW 15th editions.

15th Edition 2021 Selections

14th Edition 2020 Selections

Cinema shines a bright light on our global society and the important issues of the day. We encourage you to keep making those films… don’t forget to sanitize the equipment… and start with a clean slate!