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Anna Cosentine

 Mission Statement:
We are a forum that unites short films and filmmakers with the community,
with the belief that films have the ability to change peoples lives.

Vision Statement:

Our festival strives to exceed in quality.
We select short films that have compelling and thought provoking subject matter and are of a technical excellence



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Keep Taos a World-Class Film Festival Destination!
The Taos Shortz Film Fest is growing into one of the US’s top short film festivals
 We are seeking your patronage for our 2015 festival

What the Festival is all about

  • Taos Shortz is dedicated to featuring quality juried short films from around the globe
  • We bring global, world-class cinema to Taos
  • We provide filmmakers with a venue to showcase their work, participate in workshops, panels, and network with fellow filmmakers, media companies, producers, and distributors
  • Taos Shortz is dedicated to keeping the cinematic arts thriving in New Mexico
  • Taos Shortz throws a fun arts party every spring for film lovers!


Taos Leads the Way

Taos has a long history of supporting the visual and performing arts. Taos Shortz Film Fest, begun in 2007 and successful every year since, is the only juried film festival in Taos and the only shorts film festival in New Mexico.
Local Impact  / Festival Highlights
2015:  The 2015 festival will be held March 19th to the 22nd  at various venues in Taos, primarily the TCA Auditorium.
 We will screen 150+ global and regional short films from 32 different countries.
 Sneak preview for 2015:
 Kicking off the festival Thursday night is a 2 hour Native American program. James Lujan, director of the Institute of American Indian Arts ( IAIA) in Santa Fe will host the show, screening global NA short films and talk about IAIA's role in promoting indigenous filmmaking worldwide.
 "Behind the Middle Eastern Veil", another 2 hour program, journeys through the diverse lifestyles of Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and Tunisia.
 The Tamalewood Zia Showcase will feature a spotlight on the best New Mexican filmmakers.  Also in store is a High School film student program with filmmakers from Taos, Bosque and Albuquerque.
A drone seminar and workshop will explore aerial cinematography.     And this is just a taste of the amazing events during our March festival!

2014 The 2014 Festival was "over the top" amazing!!  With packed houses and a multitude of visiting filmmakers,  Taos was honored to host such an amazing array of short films. 150 short films were screened during our 4 day festival...which earned Taos Shortz the honor of being "One of the top 50 film fests worth the entry fee" by Movie Maker Magazine. In-kind contributions from local businesses  and individuals donating their time amounted to $44,000.

2013:  TSFF screened 88 short films from 17 countries, 30 of which were US and/or world premieres. Our 10 juried programs, each comprised of 10 or more global short films and running 2 hours, packed the Taos Community Auditorium.  Ticket sales increased by 40%, to 1,700 individual attendees, not including pass purchasers.  75% of online ticket sales were to out-of-state attendees.  Festival pass sales indicate at 50 least out-of-town visitors stayed for the weekend

2012:  TSFF screened 70 global short films, representing over 15 countries, and introduced a “Locals Night” showcasing Taos and New Mexican filmmakers, including several Native American films. The International 48 Hour Filmapalooza competition, whose directors chose Taos to be their host city, brought 200 international filmmakers to Taos during the Taos Shortz festival.  Our four-day festival brought an estimated $400,000 in revenue for Taos. Attendance was up by 30% from 2011.

2007 – 2011:  2007 marked the inception of TSFF.  It comprised of a one day festival, screening 28 short films.  Following years, 2009 and 2010 the festival grew with community support, number and quality of films.  In 2011 TSFF became a four day festival. The 48 hour International Filmapalooza chose TSFF to be their host festival and this brought over 250 International filmmakers to Taos. That year TSFF screened over 70 global short films and achieved worldwide recognition.  The town received $200,000 in revenue from visiting filmmakers lodging, eating and shopping, and put Taos on the map as a cinematic destination.

TSFF is supported financially by our local community

Donors: a few public/private donors, the Town of Taos, and New Mexico Arts (a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment of the Arts.)

For 2015, TSFF is seeking financial sponsorship from art patrons who want to keep Taos a noted film festival destination.
The Taos Shortz Film Fest is a program of the Indie Community Project, a 501(c)3, established in 2011
EIN #  45-2426045




TaosShortz is made possible in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment of the Arts.











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