Taos Shortz Film Fest
12th Edition ..... March 22nd-24th, 2019
Taos, New Mexico

Program 6, Friday April 8, 12:30-2:30pm


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The Bespoke Tailoring of Mister Bellamy
Alexander Jeffery, USA,Drama  16:14   Filmmaker in Attendance
A janitorial position  at a local law firm and the discovery of an old sewing machine ignites a buried passion in old Bellamy.


Paul Meschúh, Germany,  Drama    22:00
A young Afghan woman is injured in an accident and taken to a German military base. The residents of Nabilah´s home town must not find out about her physical contact with foreign men


Utkarsh Sharma, USA, Drama  10:20
Set during the 2014 Peshawar School Massacre, a radical jihadist  reflects on his purpose


The House Is Innocent
Nicholas Coles, USA,  Documentary  12:15  Filmmaker in Attendance
TheHouseIs Innocent
Tom and Barbara soon realize it’s going to take more than a fresh coat of paint to whitewash their home’s macabre history


Chris Moraitis, Greece, Drama  11:21   North American Premiere
The only way to secure the man is through the soul of a child


Into Memory
Derek Franzese, USA,Drama   12:00   Filmmaker in Attendance
A surprise gathering for Danny, a young man dying of leukemia, in an effort to create one last memory for him


Der Alte Mann und die Katze (The Old Man And The Cat)
Damian Schipporeit,  Germany, Drama  10:05
Out of a profound longing for company and social contacts, an old, lonely man
fantasizes about a perfect world.


Need For Speed Dating
Mary Nighy, USA/UK, Comedy  6:49     Filmmaker in Attendance
Polly and Nate have the perfect relationship – except she’s packed up and moved to London and yearns for something (or someone) new.


Split End
Eddie Shieh, USA, Drama  5:40
splitend 4 splitend-brennan-1280-cu-kitchen
A young single woman bored with her social life is employed as a caterer and finds the charismatic husband also looking for something new



Love Biscuit
Ashley Mosher, USA, Comedy  12:00  Filmmaker in Attendance / World Premiere
A camping trip goes awry when everyone has different agendas.


DJI Death Sails
Dmitri Voloshin, Moldova, 5:00
Death seems like he’s not fulfilling his mission but he’s determined to get the job done.


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