2017 Program 5, Saturday April 1, 11:30am-2:00pm


Seven short films about and by Native Americans: Mohawk, Navajo, Muscogee, Chicksaw and Blackfoot.
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Ode to Standing Rock
USA/TAOS, 13:00, Peter Walker/Lyla June Johnston

An epic battle of our times is underway…whose outcome rides on the Lord of Karma.


Ohero: Kon Under the Husk
USA/MOHAWK, 26:46, Katsitsionni Fox

“Together with our community team we’re chronicling Ohero:kon – Haudenosaunee youth rites of passage.”


Central Fire
USA/DINÉ, 9:55, Hilary Giovale/Pete Giovale

Marie Gladue, an indigenous Diné woman living in a traditional hogan in Northern Arizona, recounts the historic struggles of her people and shares her healing methodology utilizing the Sacred Landscape of Dinetah, the sacred Navajo landscape.


The Gift
USA/MUSCOGEE, 13:45, Sunny Moodie/Natalie Ulman/Joshua Indenbaum/Tom BlueWolf

The Gift is a glimpse into an ancient culture where sharing and a deep awareness of nature and spirit lie at the heart of things, where there is an understanding of the connections between people, the earth and one another.


About That Life
USA, 29:00, Justin Deegan


About a young Native American man who returns to the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota from Los Angeles, CA, after he learns of a family tragedy.


Not Indian Enough
Canada, 7:57, Alex Zahara

A Native woman confronts her cousin, who has been spreading rumours that she isn’t Native.


USA/CHICKSAW, 9:36, Mark Lewis

In the world of professional Mixed Martial Arts, Nikki Lowe stands out as one of the few Native Americans competing in the sport today. A fighter inside and outside of the cage, she continually strives to maintain her cultural identity as a Chickasaw Native, and is now focused on healing her body and soul from the latest tragedy to emerge in her life.


Our Last Refuge
USA/CANADA/BLACKFOOT, 24:36, Daniel Glick

Our Last Refuge tells the story of the Badger-Two Medicine, the sacred homeland of the Blackfeet Nation of Montana, and the decades-long struggle to protect it from oil and gas exploration. The film features voices from all sides of the struggle – Blackfeet elders, local conservationists, and even the law firm pushing for oil exploration. All together, they chronicle the epic saga of this unique landscape, stretching back millennia, and the current legal challenge, the outcome of which could determine the fate of sensitive and sacred lands nationwide. One of the highest profile conservation struggles in recent history, Our Last Refuge is the first in-depth telling of this critical story at a moment in time when the stakes are at their highest.