2017 Program 2, Thursday March 30, 8:00-10:00pm


Selected global short films from Italy, Germany, United Kingdom,Poland, Laos, Spain and the USA.
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Italy, 17:00, Andrea Beluto

Ciacianiello, a fishmonger in southern Italy, is fighting to get the record store next to his shop close down. The store is a meeting place for the local youths. Frizzy, the store manager, and Ciacianiello’s younger brother Fravaglio, who is more open minded, try to make him change his mind.


A State of Emergency
German, 12:00, Tarek Roehlinger

The lines between normality and real danger disappear.


Moving Southwark
UK, 5:29, Jevan Chowdhury

The dying moments of 24 dancers, each consumed by the city of London. Moving Southwark is a magical realist expression of London’s medieval backyard.


Pan Rudnicki i samochody  (Mr. Rudnicki and the Cars)
Poland, 30:00, Andrzej Mankowski


Main hero, Janusz Rudnicki, is an inconspicuous proof-reader in a local newspaper, a homemade awaiting arrival of a first-born. Because of that, he decides to sell a car and head to Germany, to purchase a station wagon. Stopping in the wrong place and in the wrong time, he gets accidentally involved in a conflict with the auto-theft group. Fighting to survive, he helps to arrest the thieves, gaining gratitude of the police and learning, that he has a potential to do things he had never suspected himself to capable of.


Gardeners of the Forest
USA/Laos, 14:32, Ceylan Carhoglu


For generations, Laos was known as the Land of a Million Elephants. Today, there are around 400 elephants left in Laos. If the Laotian elephants become extinct, not only does it mean a loss of one of the largest mammals on earth but also the loss for Laotian history and culture.


UK, 17:00, Toby Fell-Holden


In a neighbourhood rife with racial tension, a local girl falls for a recent arrival.


Made in Spain
Spain, 11:35, Coke Riobóo

A miniature surrealist portrait of epic dimensions takes place in a sunny Spanish beach.


The Chop
UK, 17:00, Lewis Rose

a comedy about Yossi, a charismatic Kosher butcher who loses his job, cannot find work at other Kosher butchers, and therefore decides to pretend to be Muslim in order to get work at a Halal butchers.