Program 5

Friday March 22nd 2-4pm …

Sunday March 24th 10am-12noon

The Cheech     
 Edward Tyndall   US   11:30

Cheech joyfully shares his Chicano art to the world

The Drink       
 Cosima Spender  UK   11:50

What’s a few drinks between friends?

Jacob’s Kiss   
Michael Figari   US   12:31

a wedding day brings unexpected emotional issues to the surface

L’Homme et le Poisson (The Man and the Fish)            Lewis Leon      Canada   4:08

Man vs Fish a winter tradition

Anna Nosatova    Russia   13:07

a business women must seek help when she encounters nature at it’s worst

My Paintbrush Bites 
Joel Pincosy   US   16:03

Art is sometimes better on the other side of the fence

Mni Wiconi: Water Is Life 
 Miguel Antonio Genz   US   2:44

truly water is life

Asia A  
Andrew Reid  US  20:00

waking up to a spine injury is no easy journey

1500 Miles 
Chris Duncan US 17:30

one must venture further and further and further

Alice and Lewis   
Elina Street  US/France 15:40

Alice meets Lewis Carroll for the first time