Program 4

Friday March 22nd 11am-1pm

Saturday March 23rd 4-6pm

El Aguacate (Avocado)   
Darwin Serink    US 10:00

a Mexican immigrant gathers courage for a date

Gifts From Babylon     
 Bas Ackermann    Gambia  23:47

After years in Europe a Gambian man is deported home

For A Better Life      
Yasmin Mistry       US      9:32

a better life is just around the corner

Deep Dive           
Mohammad Soleimanifeijani  US/Iran  6:06

Happy Persian New Year

Sune Sorensen   Denmark  11:00

A father must pass his wisdom on through a VW bug

Evelyn X Evelyn     
Eric Pumphrey  US  13:10

Grief can be overwhelming for just us to tackle alone

Grief (A place none of us know until we reach it)       Alexandra Matheo   Greece   8:00

ashes to ashes… dust to winery

 Trevor Kristjanson    US    14:53

a human taxidermist ventures out and finds new friends

Sorry For Your Loss 
Lauren Bair   US   8:38

should you wear your best necklace to the grave?

Trois Pages  (Three Pages)   
Roger Gariépy      Canada  15:00

It’s only three pages