Program 2

Friday March 22nd 5-7pm …… Saturday March 23rd 7-9pm

The Sound       
Antony Petrou    Cyprus    15:15

A strange hummm suddenly appears, but only some can hear it

Feyrouz Serhal    Lebanon    25:00

one woman’s journey around Beirut during the world cup playoffs

A Song Can’t Burn   
Roscoe Neil   UK/Lebanon     11:46

singing can be the only joy in refugee camps

Bye Bye Les Puceaux  (Bye Bye Virgins)  
   Pierre Boulanger  France  23:00

French youth discover that sexuality is a long way from adulthood

Les Trompes de Ma Mere
(Under Mom’s Skirt)       
Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix       France     12:10

a visit to the doctor is excellent for family communication

 Måns Berthas         Sweden    15:00

you don’t always get what you deserve when you alive

Caught In The Chamber  
 Nathan Johnson   US  6:50

is dancing a solo or group endeavor??

Golden Girl       
Chiara Fleischhacker   Germany     12:52

a young model must find her own look