Program 1

Friday March 22nd 8-10pm …… Sunday March 24th 1-3pm

The Shipment     
Bobby Bala      Canada  25:00

A star ship captain must make hard choices for the sake of his daughter

Ellen Osborne    US    4:00

When the earth is void of humans.. it gets a reboot

Daniel Marc Janes    UK   12:50

in a dog-eat dog world who survives on the shorts and futures

Ten Hours   
Trevor Morgan   US   16:17

An Uber road trip like no other

Custodia Compartida (Joint Custody)     
Carlus Fábrega   Spain  5:50

with separation comes joint custody

Steven DeGennaro    US   12:00

a road side stop turns a bit uneasy

Mandalina Ağacı  (The Mandarin Tree)   
Cengiz Akaygün   Germany/Turkey   17:58

a Kurdistan political prisoner finally gets a visit from his family

The Blues Crab     
Ari Rubenstein   US   13:42

even crabs get the blues

Pile ou Face (Heads or Tails)     
  Fernand-Philippe Morin-Vargas  Canada   15:00

a small town mayor faces reelection