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We invite you to bring your adventure of creativity

to the mountains and mesas of Taos, New Mexico!



Step 1

Read the Rules and Regulations

We Love All kinds of short films.

However we do have a few simple rules to follow.

First.... Is your film good enough?

Not to be braggadocious, but the films of Taos Shortz are exceptional.

The competition is extremely high. We know submitting to festivals can be a bit of a gamble and it's hard to know what festival would be a "good fit" for your film. If you wanna take a look at

2015 Award Winners... SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Sooo if you believe your film has "The Stuff"



  The following are our deadlines and fees* for this year


Early Bird Deadline:

September 11th, 2105 -$ 22.00 (€ 16.44) Entry FEE

Emerging Artists $15.00 (€11.22) - Taoseños Homee $11.44 (€8.88)


Official Submission Deadline:

November 11th, 2015 - $ 25.00 (€18.88) ENTRY FEE

Emerging Artists $ 16.44 (€12.22) - Taoseños Homie $11.44 (€8.88)


Late Submission Deadline:

December 11th, 2015 - $ 30.00 (€22.44) ENTRY FEE

Emerging Artists $ 18.88 (€14.22) - Taoseños Homie $11.44 (€8.88)


*Fees are billed in Euros. US Dollar Amounts may vary due to exchange rates at the time of submission* **Please note that the above dates are postmark deadlines**


Step 2 (online submission)

This year we are pleased to continue to work with the Film Festival Life Community for our online submission service.

Film Festival Life is a innovative community based festival submission service, tailored to meet the unique needs for film festivals, filmmakers, and industry professionals. With full digital upload service and High Resolution video based presentation screeners, this European is setting the new standard for online submission based services. There is however, a small service fee* that will be added at checkout, but well worth it. We strive to keep our submission fees low as possible, because we know that filmmaking and festival submission cost can be quite high. Film Festival Life helps us help you.


¡¡Submit Your Film through FilmFestivalLife!!


Step 2b (online submission form and snail mail DVD)

Yes, we still accept DVDs for submission screeners, but it is more diffucult and more expensive for us to use. However, If you wish to send us a DVD through old school mail service,we still would HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you use Film Festival Life to fill out all the submission forms. This helps us keep all the paperwork together. Just follow the process until you are asked to upload your film, then choose mail DVD. There is no additional fee for this service. When you mail us your DVD, please be sure that your unique tracking number and film name is written on both the face of your disc AND on the front of the mailing envelope, which should be sent to the following address:

Taos Shortz Film Fest Submissions
HC 81 No 44
1972 Old State Rd 3
Questa, NM  87556

If for some reason you cannot use Film Festival Life,

Please go to our Manual Submission Page.

or use one of our partner submission sites




If you have any questions, you may contact us at submissions@taosshortz.com




See a complete listing of the 2015 Official Selections

All of our programs are at the Taos Center for the Arts.



TaosShortz is made possible in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment of the Arts.

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