Taos Shortz Film Fest:Schedule 2012


Taos Shortz Film Fest 2012

Official Selections


Official Selection 2012

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46 Miles

Brad Stabio USA/ Comedy fiction


Svetozar Golovlev Russia/ Dramatic fiction

A Doctors Job

Julio O. Ramos Peru/ Dramatic fiction

A Morning Stroll

Grant Orchard United Kingdom/ Animation

Act I Scene 1

Hans Montelius Sweden/ Dramatic Fiction

American Homes

Bernard Friedman USA/ Documentary

Angel for Hire

Mary Flynn and Nina Goodby USA/ Documentary

April Chill

Tornike Bziava Georgia/ Dramatic fiction


Nash Edgerton Australia/ Comedy Fiction


Jack Ofield USA/ Animation


Wesam Mousa Palestine/ Documentary

Broken Clouds

Yuri Alves USA/ Dramatic fiction


Peter Hanson USA/ Comedy fiction

Dicen (They Say)

Alauda Ruiz de Azua Spain/ Dramatic fiction

Dr. Knowgood: Lion's Pride

Arnold Zwanenburg Netherlands/ Animation

Don't Press Play

Adam Rowley United Kingdom/ Comedy fiction

El Salon Mexico

Paul Glickman USA/ Animation

Elderly Animals: Photographs by Isa Leshko

Mark and Angela Walley USA/ Documentary

Error 0036

Raul Fernandes Rincon Spain/ Comedy fiction

Eso Te Pasa Por Barraco

Pablo Serrano Rosillo Spain/ Animation

Facts In the Case of Mister Hollow

Rodrigo Gudino Canada/ Dramatic fiction


Benet Roman Spain/ Documentary

Girls of Daraja

Barbara Rick USA/ Documentary

God's Pub

Jay Gormley USA/ Comedy fiction

Happy Birthday Timmy

Johnny Cullen Ireland/ Comedy fiction


Joey Liew New Mexico/ USA/ Dramatic fiction

Il Capo

Yuri Ancarani Italy/ Documentary


Harold Chapman United Kingdom/ Dramatic fiction

Kids for Kidnapping

Torrance E. Maurer USA/ Dramatic fiction


Dominic Garcia New Mexico/ USA/ Comedy Fiction

La Lavadora

Ana Aurora and Andrea Correa Quiroz Spain/ Dramatic fiction

La Mujer del Hatillo Gris

Luis Trapiello Spain/ Dramatic fiction

Last Seen on Dolores St

Devi Snively USA/ Dramatic Fiction

Liberty Road

Jason Fraley USA/ Dramatic fiction

Library of Dust

Ondi Timoner and Robert James USA/ Documentary

Life In Black and White

Regina Rivard USA/ Documentary

Live Outside the Box

Shu-Hsuan Lin USA/ Animation


Jocelyn Jansons New Mexico/ USA/ Comedy fiction

Love and Allegiance

Tijana Petrovic and Adam J Smith USA/ Documentary


Juan Pablo Zaramella Argentina/ Animation

Matar A Un Niño

Jose and Cesar Esteban Alenda Spain/ Dramatic fiction


Iliya Gregov Bulgaria/ Dramatic fiction RAWards winner


Nina Vedmitskaya Russia/ Dramatic fiction

Pot Country

Mario Furloni and Kate McLean USA/ Documentary

Red Mesa

Ilana Lapid New Mexico/ USA/ Dramatic fiction

Robot e Pinocchi

Paul Zinder Italy/ Documentary

Romantic Killer

Phillip Berg United Kingdom/ Dramatic fiction

Roots and Hollers

Thomas Gorman and Patrick Kollman USA/ Documentary

Sacred Poison

Yvonne Latty USA/ Documentary

Saturn Rising

Gary Bowden USA/ Dramatic fiction


Doug Nichol USA/ Documentary

Surreal Estate

Lori Romero New Mexico/ USA/ Comedy fiction

Swimming in a Dream

Jim Sugar USA/ Documentary

Stanley Pickle

Victoria Mather United Kingdom/ Animation

Tengo Algo Que Decirte

Ana Torres-Alvarez Spain/ Comedy fiction

The Aerial Girl

Anna Simone Scott USA/ Dramatic fiction

The Astronaut on the Roof

Bergi Portabella Germany/ Comedy fiction

The Butterfly Circus

Joshua Weigel USA/ Dramatic fiction

The Eyes of Edward James

Rodrigo Gudino Canada/ Dramatic fiction

The Future

Venetia Taylor Australia/ Comedy fiction

The Movement: One Man Joins an Uprising

Greg I. Hamilton and Kurt Miller USA/ Documentary

The Palace

Ruud Satijin Netherlands/ Dramatic Fiction

The Strife of Love in a Dream (le Songe de Poliphile)

Camille Henrot France/ Experimental

The Wrong Kind of Love

Bianca Zanini Vasconcellos USA/ Documentary

To Say Goodbye

Jason Headley USA/ Dramatic fiction

Transition Town Totnes

Deborah Koons Garcia USA/ Documentary


Josiah Bulterna and Kyle Gilbertson USA/ Documentary

Under the Stairs

Joshua Sallach New Mexico/ USA/ Dramatic fiction


Svetozar Golovlev Russia/ Dramatic fiction

Wake Up

Hannah MacPherson New Mexico/USA Dramatic fiction

Waking Up Crane

Joanne Schmidt New Mexico/ USA/ Documentary


Anna Moot-Levin USA/ Documentary



Taos Locals Program

Lucky Clucky

Lord of the Rings in 90 Seconds

The New Neighbor

Thin Skin

Taos Biodiversity Youth Art Project

Full Stalls

The Clash

Tropic of Tacoma

Larry Bell In Perspective


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Thanks to All those that submitted films this year. The quality was outstanding!

It is great to see the creative spirit in the cinematic arts is alive and well.

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