Taos Shortz Film Fest
12th Edition ..... March 22nd-24th, 2019
Taos, New Mexico

Program 5, Friday April 8, 10:00am-12:00noon


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As the political doors to one of the world’s oldest civilizations creak open, Taos Shortz offers a glimpse to a few new voices originating from deep within the Persian cultural experience.  Ten short films from this complex part of the globe.


Copper Wire
Hasan Najmabadi, Iran, Drama   10:05
A child collects copper wires and sells them for profit in a small Iranian town.


My Heart
Yaser Talebi, Iran,  Drama   2:00
Miss Teacher’s heart is sick, and students want to give her a big heart as a present.


Rangan 99
Tiyam Yabandeh, Iran,   Drama   14:00
Against all odds, two soldiers on opposite sides find themselves sharing the horror of the conflict for a few hours and planting a seed of brotherhood.


My Enemy, My Brother
Ann Shin, Iran/Iraq/Canada,  Documentary    17:00
Zahed and Najah are two former enemies from the Iran-Iraq War who become blood brothers for life. Twenty five years later they meet again.


Saman Hosseinpuor, Iran, Comedy   3:50      North American Premiere
An old couple runs out of water… how do they change the fishbowl water?


Mehrnoush Aliaghaei, Iran,    OOTO  14:56
Photo 1 01
In an audition, the unseen man behind the camera is asking the young actresses to share their dark personal stories. How much are they willing to share? What is this really about?


AN SOBH (That Morning)
Abbas Davoudi, Iran,  Drama    1:34
A young man begs for forgiveness


Something like my Eyes
Hooshang Mirzaee, Iran “Kurdish”  Documentary , 27:19
An orphan seventh grade boy is injured by an exploding mine which disabled him permanently. This is the story of his struggle.


Ali Erfan Farhadi, Iran,   Comedy  1:54
The logistics and politics of taking a selfie in a land far away…


The Signs
Yaser Talebi, Iran,  Drama  28:00
Isha has a spiritual way with the forest trees, much to her father’s chagrin.


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