Taos Shortz Film Fest
11th Edition ..... March 9th-11th, 2018
Taos, New Mexico

Program 4, Thursday April 7, 8:00-10:00pm


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Out Of The Village
Jonathan Stein, USA/Ghana,   Drama   16:37
If it takes a village to raise a child, what happens when the village is gone?


Oscar Desafinado ( Tuning Oscar)
Mikel Alvariño, Spain,   Comedy   21:00
“Face the ghosts from your past” is all Ana is asking Oscar so they can be together.


Famous In Ahmedabad
Hardik Mehta, India,  Documentary   29:15
11 year old Zaid transforms from a normal kid to an aggressive and passionate kite runner


Lord &Lidl
Oscar Hudson, UK,  OOTO    3:34                 North American Premiere
A man heads to his local Lidl supermarket after God unexpectedly shows up at his door asking for a meal.


À Margem (On The Sideline)
Silvana Torricella, Portugal,  Drama  11:30  World Premiere
Silvia was caught red-handed after robbing a house and has two hours to destroy the evidences against her.


Special Delivery
Greg Ash, USA,  Comedy  7:28    Filmmakers in Attendance
A pizza delivery boy  wants to win the heart of his favorite customer. What could possibly go wrong?



Mi Ne Mozhem Zhit Bez Kosmosa (We Can’t Live Without Cosmos)
Konstantin Bronzit, Russia,  Animation  15:00
Two cosmonauts try to do their best in their everyday training life to make their common dream a reality


Against Night
Stefan Kubicki, USA, Drama  28:18   Filmmaker in Attendance
Set in the 1960s, a crash landing in Mongolia forces a cosmonaut to confront the loss of his wife and young daughter years earlier.


An Ode To Love
Matthew Darragh, Ireland, Animation   7:00   North American Premiere
A lonely man on a desert island explores the highs and lows of romantic love when a mysterious companion is washed ashore.


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