Taos Shortz Film Fest
11th Edition ..... March 9th-11th, 2018
Taos, New Mexico

Program 3, Thursday April 7, 5:00-7:00pm


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If I Had A Piano (I’d Play You The Blues)
Stephanie Gardner, USA,  OOTO  5:50  Filmmaker in Attendance
An exploration of romance in five movements of cinematic dance, which explores love, romance, and desire.


The Light Thief
Eva Daoud, Bahrain/Spain,   Drama  19:00
When the essence of Love is snatched from someone and locked away in a vessel with no name , what happens to those persons and how do they change? How can the broken-hearted souls break that curse and recover from their pain? Can they regain their spark by overcoming dark supernatural forces?


Oh Those Kittens!
Joel Benjamin USA,  Animation   3:00
A close examination of life as a cat


Otherwise Engaged
Alicia Macdonald, UK,   Comedy   4:00

How do I love thee? Let me count the likes… A romantic social media satire for the online age. Megs and Dave have been together forevs and it’s atop a sunny London landmark that Dave finally grabs his chance. In just a few filtered moments they find themselves looking towards the future (and waiting for 765 of their closest friends and colleagues to get the message).


Two Secrets
Charles Dye, USA,  Drama   21:39    Filmmaker in Attendance
An inspiring true story. Two secrets will change a 12-year-old girl’s life forever. One she’s never told a soul. The other, her entire family’s never told her. Tonight they crash. A powerful coming-of-age film with a shocking ending that challenges each of us to become the real person we keep hidden inside.


Me Parto (Splitting My Sides)
José A. Campos, Spain, Comedy   4:40
Today is a great day for Carmen, and she does not want to miss any detail.


Mend and Make Do
Bexie Bush, UK,  Animation   8:00

Cup of tea? Come and take a seat in Lyn’s cosy front room, hear her story of love during wartime and watch as her belongings come alive with the hope, fear and humour of one spirited lady.


Shrink Wrapped
Tommy Robin, UK,  Animation  2:12

Enter a maze of doors. Discover the uncomfortable truth of the people trapped behind them. And those who choose to open them.


Maimouna Doucoure, France, Drama   20:00

The 8-year-old Aida lives in an apartment in the Parisian suburb. The daily life of Aida and the whole family is overwhelmed when her father comes back from Senegal, their country of origin. Actually, he did not come back alone. He returned with the young Senegalese Rama whom he introduced as his second wife. Aida is very sensitive to her mother’s distress. She decides then to get rid of the new visitor.


Last Dance On The Main
Aristofanis Soulikias, Canada,  Animation   3:07
A multitude of traces.


Invincible Spring
Sam Luk, Canada,  Drama  14:52   Filmmakers in Attendance
Listen to your heart. Before it’s too late.


It Girl
Oriol Puig Playa, Spain,   Comedy   3:00

Overwhelmed by her husband’s medical bills Sofia takes a desperate measure: she becomes an egoblogger.


The Mother
Paolo Monico, USA,   Drama   11:05
When a hardened widow receives an unexpected visit, she is given the chance to shed light on her husband’s death.


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