Taos Shortz Film Fest
14th Edition ..... March 20th-22nd, 2020
Taos, New Mexico


SUNDAY MARCH 22nd 3:00 pm $12.00 BUY TICKETS

Train Stop
Auden Bui / USA / 7:00 / OOTO

when the train stops, do we get on? or take the next one?

Walk With Pride
Kaela Waldstein / New Mexico / 6:18 / Documentary

Native Americans shine on the fashion runway

Turkish Mesir Macunu US PREMIERE
Sibel Guvenc / Canada / 16:25 / Comedy

we all need a little help on our wedding night

Nobody But Myself
Kat Dolan / USA / 6:09 / OOTO

I am me…. and nobody else is.

Måns Berthas / Sweden / 8:05 / Drama

heve you ever played spin the bottle?

Erica Ortiz / USA / 11:49 / Drama

oops.. where’s my tampon… Did you take it from me?

Paul M. Horan / Ireland / 14:08 / Drama

I just wanted to be cuddled

To Be
Pouria Ghasemipoor Nigjeh/ Iran / 1:40 / OOTO

to be or not to be… the life of an Iranian woman

Knocking Down The Fences
Meg Shutzer / USA / 11:57 / Documentary

Nothing is going to stop me, not even fences

Les Bigorneaux
Alice Vial / France / 24:12 / Drama

What? I can’t be getting old already.

Dancer By The Sea
Barbara Mones / USA / 9:10 / Animation

Sometimes we just need to remember how to dance

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