Taos Shortz Film Fest
14th Edition ..... March 20th-22nd, 2020
Taos, New Mexico


SUNDAY MARCH 22nd 12:00 pm $10.00 BUY TICKETS

In Sync
Eddie Shieh / USA / 5:02 / Comedy

If this is to work… we must get in sync

Sébastien Blanc / Switzerland / 15:00 / Drama

15 years in prison for a crime you did not commit is far too long

Cesar Díaz Meléndez / Spain / 9:04 / Animation

life’s journey is nothing more than a wild adventure

Para Todo Mal, Para Toda Bien: A Mezcal Trilogy WORLD PREMIERE
Stephanie Gardner / Cuba ..USA / 26:00 / Drama

mezcal sex and condoms across forbidden cultures

Fantastic Cars
Barney Elliott / Peru / 8:10 / Comedy

there is a car for every person

Dekel Berenson / Nepal / 15:00 / Drama

a young Nepalese girl searches for her place in the world

Christian Hammons / USA / 15:33 / Drama

time to make a decision…for better or worse

The Hour After Westerly
Nate Bell, Andrew Morehouse / USA / 24:44 / Drama

A moment of sleep can lead to unexpected roads

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