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Official Selection 2019

Program1    Program2    Program3    Program4    Program5    …NM…

1500 Miles             Chris Duncan US 17:30   Program5

#SuperInLove         Curro Bernabéu  Spain  10:00   Program3

A Grand Journey       Amon Barker  US     15:00   …NM…

A Man Never…           Eugene Izraylit     France  13:31    Program3

A Song Can’t Burn        Roscoe Neil   UK/Lebanon     11:46  Program2

Alice and Lewis            Elina Street  US/France 15:40  Program5

Asia A                Andrew Reid  US  20:00   Program5

Ato San Nen (Three More Years)     Pedro Collantes    Spain     26:00  Program3

Beat Blue           Julian Alexander      US/NM      15:30   …NM…

Bitchboy                 Måns Berthas         Sweden    15:00  Program2

Bye Bye Les Puceaux  (Bye Bye Virgins)      Pierre Boulanger  France  23:00  Program2

Caught In The Chamber        Nathan Johnson   US  6:50  Program2

Color Me Done          Dominic Garcia   US/NM  9:25   …NM…

Custodia Compartida (Joint Custody)    Carlus Fábrega   Spain  5:50   Program1

Deep Dive        Mohammad Soleimanifeijani  US/Iran  6:06  Program4

El Aguacate (Avocado)        Darwin Serink    US 10:00  Program4

Evelyn X Evelyn           Eric Pumphrey  US  13:10  Program4

Evie           Mike Peebler  US  10:00   Program3

Fauve (Fox)         Jeremy Comte    Canada  15:52  Program3

For A Better Life       Yasmin Mistry       US      9:32  Program4

Framed         Marco Jemolo  Italy  7:00   Program3

Futures          Daniel Marc Janes    UK   12:50   Program1

Generations     Sune Sorensen   Denmark  11:00  Program4

Gifts From Babylon           Bas Ackermann    Gambia  23:47  Program4

Golden Girl       Chiara Fleischhacker   Germany     12:52   Program2

Grief (A place none of us know until we reach it)     Alexandra Matheo   Greece   8:00  Program4

Jacob’s Kiss      Michael Figari   US   12:31   Program5

L’Homme et le Poisson (The Man and the Fish)    Lewis Leon     Canada   4:08   Program5

Last Taxi Dance       Brayden Yoder   US/Hawaii  18:04  Program3

Les Trompes de Ma Mere (Under Mom’s Skirt)       Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix       France     12:10  Program2

Mandalina Ağacı  (The Mandarin Tree)       Cengiz Akaygün   Germany/Turkey   17:58   Program1

Mni Wiconi: Water Is Life             Miguel Antonio Genz   US   2:44   Program5

Mr. Sushi             Joshua Sallach   US/NM   13:00   …NM…

My Paintbrush Bites              Joel Pincosy   US   16:03   Program5

New Mexico Rain: The Story of Bill and Bonnie Hearne              Bunee Tomlinson   US/NM   26:08  …NM…

Palaio Faliro          Kiki Shakti       US/NM/Taos  5:25   …NM…

Pile ou Face (Heads or Tails)        Fernand-Philippe Morin-Vargas  Canada   15:00   Program1

Platypus         Trevor Kristjanson    US    14:53   Program4

Reboot        Ellen Osborne    US    4:00   Program1

Skier    Anna Nosatova    Russia   13:07   Program5

Sorry For Your Loss     Lauren Bair   US   8:38  Program4

Stick Fighter       Mayo Whaley   US  9:39   …NM…

STOP    Steven DeGennaro    US   12:00   Program1

Tabu        Justin Spray   UK/Tanzania   14:20  Program3

Ten Hours       Trevor Morgan   US   16:17  Program1

The Blues Crab        Ari Rubenstein   US   13:42   Program1

The Cheech       Edward Tyndall   US   11:30   Program5

The Drink       Cosima Spender  UK   11:50   Program5

The One Where They Ride The Shuttle     Chad Thomas Wallin    US    4:51   Program3

The Shipment      Bobby Bala      Canada  25:00  Program1

The Sound        Antony Petrou    Cyprus    15:15   Program2

Trois Pages  (Three Pages)     Roger Gariépy     Canada  15:00  Program4

Tshweesh      Feyrouz Serhal    Lebanon    25:00   Program2

Zilly’s War          John Broadhead      US/NM       25:50   …NM…















Dramatic Fiction


Winner     IT’S JUST A GUN   USA  … 14:05   Brian Robau

Honorable Mention   MONDAY   USA  … 18:15    Dinh Thai




Comedy Fiction


Winner     ALZHAÏMOUR   Belgium  … 14:36    Pierre Van de Kerckhove

Honorable Mention   TO WENDY WHO KICKED ME WHEN I SAID I LOVE YOU  UK  … 10:30    Dan Castella







Winner     GARDEN PARTY    France  …  6:12    Victor Caire, Gabriel Grapperon

Honorable Mention   NEGATIVE SPACE   France  … 5:00      Max Porter / Ru Kuwahata




Emerging Artist


Winner   NIGHT CALL   USA  … 17:39   Amanda Renee Knox

Honorable Mention     THE LAST VIRGIN   Spain  … 17:29    Bárbara Farré




Director’s Choice  


MADRE    Spain  … 18:00       Rodrigo Sorogoyen




People’s Choice


Winner    TWO STRANGERS WHO MEET FIVE TIMES   UK  … 12:12     Marcus Markou

Honorable Mention   STARRY NIGHT   USA  … 20:00      Paxton Farrar

Honorable Mention   THE ROBBERY     Spain  … 10:00     Alfonso Díaz

Honorable Mention   KILL OFF   Australia  … 15:46  …   Genevieve Clay-Smith




Tribal Radio

Taos Shortz is happy to announce we will have a special FREE screening of TRIBAL RADIO by Sean Owen.

A unique look at our KSUT .. a four corners Native American Radio station.

Saturday March 10th  3pm

Sunday March 11th  11am



#TrailerOfTheDay NEGATIVE SPACE from France by Director / Writer: Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata #AcademyAwardNominee … … Screens Prog 3 and 3b
@NewMexicoFilm #Taos #NMFilm #Animation #WishThemLuck

Happy Prez Day

Welcome Snow in Taos… Great weather for watching films!

Taos Shortz 2018 … 3.3 Edition … 33 of the BEST GLOBAL Short Films!

We’ve chosen 33 of the Best Short Films on the Planet.

and are bringing them to Taos!!

…. See the 2018 Official Selections …

4 Different Programs

Each Program Screens Twice.


Taos Shortz 2018    3.3 Reboot

Click to view more photos!


…. See the Chosen 2018 Official Selections …




Four Cheers for the Taos Shortz Film Fest! It’s a Wrap Folks. The Fare-Thee-Well Festival concluded with celebration and gratitude for ten years of amazing global cinema.

Watch our award-winners now!

THE KNACKERMAN / Tom Shrapnel / United Kingdom

BALCONY / Toby Fell-Holden / United Kingdom
Honorable Mention A NEW HOME/ Ziga Virc/ Slovenia

Lara Ann De-Wet / South Africa/USA
Honorable Mention:  BOXEADORA / Meg Smaker / Cuba/USA

GORILLA  / Tibo Pinsard  / France
Honorable Mention:  PAN RUDNICKI I SAMOCHODY / Andrzej Mankowski / Poland
Honorable Mention:  THE DRIVING SEAT / Phil Lowe / United Kingdom

FRUIT / Gerhard Funk / Germany
NIMMER / Lieven Vanhove / Belgium

BLACK RING / Hasan Can Dagli / Turkey
#SELFIE / David M Lorenzz / Germany

CITIPATI / Andreas Felix / Germany

THE CHOP / Lewis Rose / United Kingdom
Honorable Mention:  SHY GUYS / Fredic Lehne / USA
Honorable Mention:  BULLSHIT / Marc Wiltshire / USA


You can view all of the award winners on our Vimeo Channel.


Featured in Movie Maker Magazine!

Thank you Adam and MovieMaker Magazine!
Click to zoom, or scroll down to read the article.

Away From it All in Taos
Lose yourself, in the best way, at Taos Shortz Film Fest
MovieMaker, Issue 119, Vol. 23, Summer 2016
by Adam M. Goldstein

There’s a joke in New Mexico that Santa Fe is full of people who don’t want to deal with the world, and Taos is full of people who don’t want to deal with Santa Fe. But the high desert town—famous for its off-the-grid aspirations and mystical leanings—welcomes moviemakers from all around the world every April to congregate and present work on the big screen. The 2016 edition of Taos Shortz Film Fest celebrated 170 short films from 33 countries, and stepped up its game with a state-of-the-art upgrade of its theater’s projection and sound systems—all organized by a Taos community that, actually, seemed quite interested in dealing with the world.

The festival boasts around 30 hours of short films from every corner of the globe (this year a special program was dedicated to Persian shorts), but there’s also a deep commitment to New Mexican cinema. This was clear from day one, when casting auditions were organized in the lobby of the Taos Community Auditorium, with the goal of recruiting interesting New Mexican faces into the industry as paid production extras. There is also a specific program dedicated to short films by Taoseños (read: denizens of Taos), and a series featuring shorts made in New Mexico. Add to that a drones workshop in Kit Carson Park and a lot of networking events, and the fest turned Taos into a five-day cinematic working retreat for artists and professionals.

TSFF’s founders, Anna Cosentine and Duprelon “Tizzz” Tizdale, have fostered an atmosphere where Southwestern U.S. and Taoseño creative communities can view one another’s work, share ideas and talk production strategies with filmmakers from around the globe. The Native American community, not forgotten as the original inhabitants of Taos—and an ever-growing cinematic force in the world—also plays a prominent role at the festival, with a program curated by the American Indian Institute of Art in Santa Fe. This event gave young filmmakers the opportunity to present and discuss their work, then mix it up with the likes of award-winning Russian, Australian, Brit, German, Canadian and U.S. directors and actors.

Each evening, after 12 hours of skillfully curated programs, there are the mixers. One night at the Taos Mesa Brewery—a huge hanger-like structure rising like a mirage out of the sagebrush just outside town—filmmakers and audience members swigged beer, stood around a bonfire and kept a respectful distance from a machine, part forklift, part flame-thrower, called The Subjugator. As movie plots were discussed, The Subjugator artistically ripped to shreds and incinerated a prefab wooden structure, and the intense heat of the performance art warmed the crowd in the cold desert night.

Audience favorites are announced Sunday evening at a raucous, enthusiastic and celebratory awards ceremony. Meanwhile, jury awards are handed out in the categories of animation, documentary, dramatic fiction, comedic fiction, emerging artist and “Out of the Ordinary”—plus, of course, Best New Mexican Short (the Zia Award) and Best Native American Short (the Free Spirit Award). Winners take home honorary trophies designed by local artists.

Taos, situated beneath the towering Sangre de Cristo Mountains and cut off just to the west by a deep gorge carved by the Rio Grande, has been a spiritual and cultural center for many centuries. Some locals even believe that extraterrestrials have landed nearby. It’s not really a place that you’d just be passing through, but early April is a good time to plan a trip. You can hang out in town during the festival and see some of the world’s top short films. And then, if you find you’re not yet ready to deal with the world again, you can disappear into the desert for a while. Maybe for good. You wouldn’t be the first.

—Adam Goldstein, MM contributing writer




I just wanted to let you know that Ian and I loved it and were very impressed by the festival. We were disappointed that our schedule couldn’t let us spend more time in Taos and meet the filmmakers. I’ll definitely be telling my filmmaker friends to submit in the future, and of course I will submit as well! Thank you so much for showing First Night Out. The response was pretty incredible. – Will Mayo, First Night Out

I wanted to say I was blown away by the quality, selection and professionalism of the festival. It was inspired to do a Persian section, opening a window to Iranian life we seldom see. The mix of whimsical ìTwinsvilleî and îFishî, heart tugging works like ìAgua Blancaî and ìWaiting for Dawnî and effective activist art like ìOne Million Stepsî and ìHeiloî kept a pace and made you think. By 10.30 Thursday night I was exhausted. Thatís because Iíd been concentrating so hard, unlike commercial film, which is an eyewash. And there were two days more. – Bob Dowling, Santa Fe

I am still basking in the glow of the wonderful experience that is Taos Shortz! I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and Tizz for including me in such a great festival. – Amos Glick, A Man Wakes Up, People’s Choice winner 2016

Thank you so much for including my film in your festival and for hosting me in Taos. It was truly a remarkable weekend, I received such a wonderful response for my film, and it was fantastic to meet so many incredible filmmakers from around the world! I hope I get a chance to come back again, and I will definitely be submitting my next film ( whenever I make it…). – Richard Arum, So I was Wondering

Had a great time at the fest. Nice selection of films and an even nicer selection of people. – Michael Becker, Delivery from Earth ( HM Zia)

I just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful weekend at Taos Shortz! Everyone was so kind, the city is beautiful, and the quality of films was so high. – Allyson Morgan, Need for Speed Dating

We are thankful to you, Taos Shortz Film Fest, for the excellent films, your kindness, and the green chiles. Until next time! – Alexander Jeffery, The Duke

What an amazing time at the Taos Shortz Film Fest!! Wonderful people, amazing audiences, incredible food and stunning landscape. – Nicolas Coles, The House is Innocent

We had a GREAT time at Taos Shortz Film Fest!! Such a wonderful town with a beautiful crowd and amazing films. Very grateful to spend such fun times together. See you all again soon. – Sam Luk, Invincible Spring

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