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Taos Shortz Official Selections 2020

Official Selections 2020

After a long and difficult task of watching hours and hours and hours of excellent films, We have finally chosen a few that have risen above the rest and have made this years honors. Thank you to all those that have submitted. We praise all those filmmakers and hope you continue on the journey of creative filmmaking!

See the entire list of the 2020 Taos Shortz official selections

True Global Fest

Official Selections 2020

2020 Brings New challenges and a wealth of new ideas. I recently had a chance to travel to over 30 countries this year, I have experienced first hand what it takes to bring a story idea to the silver screen in a multitude of different areas of the world. I am blessed to bring a few samplings of my journey to this years fest. With 30 different countries represented, this years fest is a feast of global voices.

See all the Official selections for the 2020 festival here.

77 Amazing Short Films

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Official Selections

55 of the BEST short films on the planet Global stories.. Worldclass Cinema.

Official Selection Laurels 2019

Taos Shortz Official Selection 2019 BLACK JPG (2mb)

Taos Shortz Official Selection 2019 WHITE JPG (2mb)

Taos Shortz Official Selection 2019 BLACK/WHITE (1mb)

Taos Shortz Official Selection 2019 TRANSPARENT background PNG (3mb)

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Official Selections and a Thank You to all the submitting filmmakers………

Final Projection Guidelines 2020


Taos Shortz Film Festival is honored to present your short film in the 2020 festival. You have made the cut of a select few. We know you spent many hours on your film and we want to present your film in the VERY BEST possible light, in the way you have intended, so please try to follow these guidelines.

Taos Shortz Film Fest final projection is from a HardDiskDrive(HDD) media server only.
We DO NOT project DVDs.
We DO NOT project BluRay Disk.
We DO NOT project tape or film of any kind.

We would like to project the HIGHEST QUALITY short you have available.
Please send a copy of the VERY BEST QUALITY you have ( in order of our preference)

• DCP File
• HDD file

Please send the digital file via

• flash drive…( we will return this to you after the festival)
• small hard drive.. ( we will return this to you after the festival)
• direct download link ( see below))


Our venue is a state of the art 4k DCI compliant theatre.

We  screen DCPs ONLY

If you already have a DCP,

please make sure your DCP is fully compliant with DCI file naming and color space standards and is fully playable from an HDD. The last thing we want is an unplayable file. Please do NOT install any key or time code restrictions on the file. We will NOT screen any locked or time restricted file. Please Read the Last sentence again.!!! There is no need to send the DCP files in a  CRU Linux based DCI hard drive. We pull all files off your drive and put on our drives for projection. Please also send a non-DCP backup version of your film in a mp4 or mov container.

If you DO NOT have a DCP,

Please send the Very Best Quality version you have. If the  On-Line screener that we received from you in the initial submission process is the VERY BEST QUALITY that you have, then there is no need to send us anything else. Just let us know. Otherwise send a Data File in a MOV or MP4 container.

We DO NOT accept RAW or LOG data files. We DO NOT accept FCP or AdobePP Projects

Please DO NOT send audio encoded to DTS, as our venues do not support this.

We accept all resolutions up to 4k, just about any frame rate, just about any bitrate. If your short is not within standard formats please contact us and see if we can make it work.

If possible, please strip any watermarks, color bars, tone test, FBI warnings, or “do not copy” splash screens.  Please remove all laurels and award winning tags. It just makes my life easier.

Again, We DO NOT project DVD or Blu Ray.
We transcode those to one of our standards and project that file.

If you have subtitles, Please use standard subtitle formats for DCPs. For- Non DCP it is preferred to embed in them a Mp4 container along with an mp4 video or HDmpeg stream. You may also burn into image if possible.

If none of this make sense, please talk to your editor or post house. They should know exactly what we mean. Or have them contact us if you have any questions!


You may  send your completed file via your own upload link, please contact with the link and password.

• Create a HIGH QUALITY file named “your film ”
• Please name your file(s) to some very understandable name.
• (i.e. “myfilm_h264_Highrez_finalprojection.mp4” )
• Please use the HIGHEST Quality you have, many sites transcode down.
• Upload the file(s) to the host/site of your choice. ie WeTransfer, Mega.NZ, Dropbox
• Please allow FULL downloading capabilities to the ORIGINAL file. Please Do NOT “share” folder but allow for download link.
• You may upload any EPK material if you wish.


If you prefer, you can also send the digital file or HHD disk to


Taos Short Film Festival
HC 81 # 2
1977 Old State Rd 3
Questa, NM 87556

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help.

Long Live Indie Shortz!!

Duprelon “tizzz” Tizdale